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Payment Device

PPaaS is designed to be integrated with various Payment Devices including:

  • Existing and new Payment Devices
  • Existing and/ or new Payment Device applications

For a seamless integration with these various configurations, PPaaS has developed a PPaaS Global Reference Application, which is a fully-featured payment-centric application, configured and orchestrated by PPaaS. This is capable of handling card payment transactions, alternative payment methods (APM), and all the other applicable PPaaS services.

The PPaaS Global Reference Application brings the full PPaaS experience up to the endpoint. This is also designed and developed to run on various types of devices including all major brands of Payment Devices.

It incorporates thin-client technology, allowing to configure the payment and other services from the PPaaS Client's portal to enable them at endpoint according to the requirements.

The standard PPaaS Global Reference Application supports the following features:

  • Card-present transactions [contact, contactless, magnetic stripe, card present manual card entry, Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO)] based on EMV payment standards
  • APM supported by PPaaS (For example, Alipay+, PayPal, WeChat, LyfPay, and Klarna)
  • Sale, refund, and cancel
  • Transaction list
  • Card transaction routing through PPaaS
  • Digital receipt

This PPaaS Global Reference Application is then being localized to incorporate all the required local requirements (for example, support of local payment schemes).

The PPaaS Global Reference Application has already been ported on the following Payment Device models:

Payment device brandPayment device models
IngenicoAPOS A8, Axium, Tetra
PAXA series

Please check with your PPaaS point of contact to have more details on the supported Payment Devices or, write to us at PPaaS Support page.