PPaaS reporting service offers the possibility to discover, understand and analyze payment transaction activity on both the merchants’ terminals and on points of sale. It delivers near real-time transaction information regardless of the payment processing status. Note that the transactions referred relates to the payment transaction and not sales transactions.

Our reporting service presents you with a set of API endpoints that allow you to retrieve, manipulate, augment and update transaction data. This data can be received in the form of raw data, CSV and PDF formats, with technical receipts also available as image files. The feature of automatic reports refers to the ability to subscribe and share transaction data via email. The API provides the ability to create and manipulate automatic reports including the creation of new reports, the deletion of existing automatic reports, and the capability to update reports such as changing the frequency or type of report.

With PPaaS reporting APIs you can implement and manage a powerful reporting solution with a wide range of features, including:

  • Retrieve a single transaction or a list of transactions
  • Discover and retrieve specific transaction context information
  • Add and retrieve cashier or merchant receipts
  • Obtain a selection of data in different formats
  • Schedule and customize your reports
  • Access and enrich transaction data
  • Obtain transaction statistics

Retrieve a singular transaction or a list of transactions

With the transaction endpoints you can obtain single or multiple transactions that can be filtered by specific dates whilst maintaining control over the number of transactions processed.

Discover and retrieve specific transaction context information

Each transaction consists of a wealth of contextual data of the transaction itself, such as the acquirer involved, merchant, store, payment type and much more. Use these endpoints to retrieve the list of contextual data available and then request the values of those you require.

Add and retrieve cashier or merchant receipts

Retrieve and add cashier or merchant receipts with the terminal technical receipt endpoints, including the ability to obtain receipts as images or PDF files.

Obtain a selection of data in different formats

Request transaction and billing data in CSV format including filtered transaction lists, specific transactions, and billing usage. For example, you can obtain a CSV containing columns about a specific service and all associated transaction amounts; the date and time as well as the currency and name of the merchant concerned.

Schedule and customize your reports

  • A short transaction summary for a period of time
  • Complete transaction list with all associated context data
  • A summary of transactions by payment methods
  • Daily sales volume listing daily transaction volumes and values that is consolidated across different payment types
  • Payment transactions that have been settled and paid out to a merchant to aid reconciliation processes

Automatic reports are highly customizable; for example, you can choose who to deliver it to, frequency of delivery, content to be included, and the possibility to activate/deactivate automatic report functionality.

Access and enrich transaction data

Retrieve, add, and update the comments and annotation data; associated at a transaction level. You have also the possibility to set the terminal reconciliation status for transactions.

Obtain transaction statistics

Retrieve aggregated data and statistics configured by specific data values. For example, calculating net revenues for a period of time, or obtain the sum of transaction values by merchant name and by processing time.