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Commerce Services

PPaaS delivers a commerce solution to PPaaS Clients and their merchants with a digital transformation of receipts and reports. This accelerates the modernization of business and offers the consumers and merchants more transparency on their transactions and the receipt system. Digitizing the shopping experience increases the customer experience and builds trust with the merchants. Other offerings such as the loyalty program brings customers close to the merchant.

Adapting the commerce solutions from PPaaS enables the merchants to utilize the suite of services ready to use from their payment devices. The commerce solution offering keeps extending for the merchants with the internal developments and through the integration of services provided by other partners.

The digital adaptation of receipts through electronic receipts provides a unique identifier for the receipts and displays the purchase details, payment mode, payment details, and other details of the commercial transaction. These receipt details are communicated via 3 sharing modes: SMS, QR and Email that provide an eco-friendly solution to the customer.

The reports provide an easily digestible display of commonly reported transactions, payment data and preferred currency details from the PPaaS payment ecosystem. This enables businesses to realize the opportunities and improve the customer experience. The future of commerce services has a wider scope to include customized digital receipts, merchant promotions or loyalty programs to increase customer engagement.