What is PPaaS?

PPaaS You Design. We Connect.

PPaaS is a cloud-based and device agnostic platform that works with any payment device as well as for online commerce, creating a true omnichannel experience. It helps build or enhance not just how and what payments are accepted, but the entire customer payment journey at checkout!

Rather than subscribing to an end-to-end bundled service, PPaaS is a catalogue of features that can be activated to build a package. Banks or Independent Software Vendors (ISV) that serve merchants want to be able to create bespoke checkout experiences for their customers, but with today’s technology, that’s easier said than done, and PPaaS sets out to change that.

We are removing friction for banks, acquirers, gateways, ISVs, and solution integrators. We empower our partners to turn their payment solutions into fully featured commerce solutions for their merchant customers.

PPaaS offers different interfaces that can be used by operators (user interface via portals), and by software through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

PPaaS is designed to support the richness of payment and commerce configurations for both face-to-face and e-commerce transactions. These configurations include face-to-face transactions, integration with payment terminals, point of sale (POS), and other forms of payment devices.

Here is a high-level view of the API integration solution:

Banks and acquirers can leverage API to provision merchant, store, and devices. They can also handle the subscription of their services, and their configuration. Reporting is as well a key functionality available via API. Those core functionalities of PPaaS are available in the core service section.

For service providers who want to be part of the PPaaS ecosystem, they can implement the various SPI (Service Provider Interface) as well as the API. PPaaS manages several business services that can be found in the payment section and in the commerce section.

For development on devices, it can be done by leveraging directly the API, or the PPaaS SDK. For more information, please contact sales.

Lastly, PPaaS offers the capability for Point of Sales (POS), to connect and perform operation from POS to a terminal leveraging the Nexo Retailer protocol. This part is described in the endpoint section.